Beneficial Bacteria for Lakes & Ponds
Copper-Bind® is a highly concentrated dry blend featuring
Thiobacillus denitrificans, a non-pathogenic
chemolithotroph, which simultaneously oxidizes hydrogen
sulfide to sulfate or elemental sulfur and reduces nitrate to
nitrogen gas. Also included are three gram-negative sulfide
oxidizing facultative heterotrophs, Starkeya novella and
Paracoccus pantotrophus, and three strains of a
spore-forming, gram-positive, sulfide oxidizing facultative
Bacillus, to extend the performance and application range
for this product. Thiobacillus denitrificans and Paracoccus
pantotrophus will denitrify even in the presence of oxygen,
so that a separate anaerobic tank is not needed when
Copper-Bind® is added to the system. All of the strains
included in this formula can utilize carbon dioxide as a
carbon source, making this product especially useful in
systems where the carbon source has been exhausted at
the stage denitrification is desired.

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Muck Eater® Primarily reduces lake/pond organic muck
and sludge. It also provides some clarification.
It is is a dry,
synergistic blend of fourteen spore-forming Bacillus strains
and eight gram-negative vegetative strains of bacteria.
Reformulated for higher count and improved sludge
decomposition, Muck Eater® combats problems found in
sludge at the bottom of ponds, lakes and rivers, particularly
sulfides, mercaptans, ammonia, fatty acids, nitrates and other
sources of odor and pollution. Muck Eater® will break the
cycle of sludge buildup, fish suffocation, algae crashes,
over-growth of weeds and off-flavor. Keeping the pond
bottom clean will reduce stress on your valuable crop,
allowing them to maintain healthy immune systems and grow
Clear-up® Primarily provides improved water clarity and
algae reduction. It also provides some muck digestion.
It is
a dry, synergistic blend of natural bacteria specifically
designed to discourage disease proliferation in aquatic
environments by enhancing immune response of cultured
species while eliminating specific pollutants that foster
pathogenic Vibrio spp.and other disease causing species.
This formula uses a consortium of six gram-positive Bacillus
and ten gram-negative vegetative strains to aggressively
consume a broad spectrum of pollutants, including
surfactants, fats, sugars, starch, and nominal amounts of
pesticides and hydrocarbons, while eliminating the formation
of hydrogen sulfide. Clear-up® offers enhanced adaptation to
cold water and will work equally well in fresh and salt water. It
has been proven safe in the field around the world.
Detritus Eater® Primarily eats vegetative matter such as
leaves, and dead vegetation. It also provides reduction in
sludge and muck and helps improve water quality.
It is a
concentrated dry blend of eleven gram-positive.
spore-forming Bacillus, five gram-negative ,vegetative
bacteria and two strains of cellulose and lignin degrading
fungi, specially created to more rapidly degrade falling
leaves, grass clippings, and other plant debris which can
cause a buildup of organic sediment if not treated. This
formula is the ideal product for use within ten to fourteen
days following short-term herbicide application. This safe and
effective product is formulated to prevent buildup of
hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and fatty acids, a common
occurrence during cold winter months without treatment
Nu-Binder is a unique blend of high molecular-weight natural
humified peat soil extract and microbes, which eliminates high
concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and other noxious odors
(except mercaptans). In limited applications, Nu-Binder can
bind copper, cadmium and other heavy metals. The formula
contains twenty-one strains of gram-positive Bacillus, which
produce the following enzymes: casease, protease, amylase,
lipase, esterase, cellulase, ligninase, gelatinase, sulfide
oxidase, urease, ammonia monooxygenase, lecithinase,
nitrate reductase, nitrite reductase, catalase and oxidase.
Between them, these bacteria ferment most sugars, tolerate
more acid conditions than most Bacillus and eight of the
strains tolerate salt levels above 7%. The all-natural humified
soil extract also acts as a biostimulant to further enhance
bacterial activity of gram-positive bacteria. Nu-Binder is
biodegradable and harmless to humans, pets, livestock, and
wildlife, when used as directed.