Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™
Heavy Duty Erosion and Sediment Control Wattles

Slope Terracing -
The Easy Way!

Stabilization of Disturbed Soils, Fire Restoration, Mud Slide Prevention

Riparian Zone Protection and
Channel Stabilization

Landfill Slope Terracing & Mine
Reclamation and Channel Velocity Reduction

Perimeter Protection - A Superior Alternative to Silt Fence

Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz are a unique wattle product constructed of long lasting wood fiber encapsulated within a heavy duty, UV stable geogrid netting. The heaviest netting in the industry. Available in 9" (standard) diameter and 10' standard lengths (longer lengths are available as a special order).

(9"X10') $20.00

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Benefits of Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ over other wattle products:

  • Photo degradable nets are available.
  • Due to competitive initial pricing and superior longevity, Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ have a much lower life cycle cost than any other wattle product
  • Much heavier netting making Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ a longer lasting, movable, and reusable filter wattle. 
  • Allows removal without disintegration.
  • The Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ wood fibers are longer lasting than straw, excelsior, coir, other wattle materials.
  • Much stronger in shear stress, tensile strength, and stability in high velocity situations than other wattle products.
  • Rodents do not inhabit Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™. Rodents frequently inhabit and destroy straw wattles.
  • Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ are 100% weed free.
  • Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ are so durable they are reusable.
  • Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ provide effective sediment filtering. They allow water to pass through the wattle thereby filtering water. Other wattle products such as straw and coir are packed so tightly storm water pools behind the product then cascades over the top creating an erosional plunge pool scour hole on the downstream side of competing wattle products.
  • Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ have free carbon sites available to bind (adsorb) pollutants thereby carbon filtering pollutants from treated storm water. Pollutants removed include sediments, hydrocarbons, metals, excess nutrients, and other pollutants common to urban and industrial storm water. Beneficial reuse of forest biomass closes the loop on biomass recycling. Biomass removed to reduce fire hazard and improve habitats in forests is converted to ecological restoration products for burned areas, mud slide prevention, flood repair, slope and channel erosion control, and industrial storm and wastewater filtering.
Physical Properties and Specifications:

Standard Length
Standard Diameter
Filter Media
Density #/CF
Average Weight
Netting Specifications

- 10 feet (other lengths available)
- 9 inches
- Cellulosic biomass (species vary))
- 10 - 12 # /CF (depending on species used)
- 40# each for Standard size
- Tensile Strength >30kg/100mm
- Aperture Size = .375"
- UV Stabilized Polyethylene

"Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ are so cost effective I will never have straw wattles or bales on my site again. In fact we have begun to replace silt fence with Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ on our critical project locations."
Scot Rubeck, Site Superintendent Allisonville Development.

Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ are designed to be placed in contact with soil or  channel bottoms in order to prevent erosion by reducing water flow velocity and filtering sediments. The properties of the Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™ allow water to pass through, which slows the velocity while promoting sediment fall-out and capture behind the Forest-to-Forest FilterLogz™. As the filtrations media ages the pollutant adsorptive property increases, binding toxins and metals in solution, thus  removing them from storm runoff.

Industrial Process Water Filtration
  • Place in the flow path of concentrated flow to spread out flow to thereby reduce the depth and velocity of flowing water to reduce its erosive power.
  • Place in the flow path of storm water to very effectively filter suspended solids for storm water and open channel industrial discharges.

Storm Inlet Protection