Hydromulch Supplies & Equipment
Hydroseeding is a seeding
process where grass seed, water,
fertilizer, lime, fungi, and mulch
fibers are mixed together and
sprayed over the seed bed.
During the application, the soil is
seeded, fertilized, watered, and
held in place, which allows grass
to grow much thicker and faster
than normal seed applications.
Hydroseeding helps prevent wind
and water erosion by bonding the
layers of the seed bed together as
it dries.

Before Hydroseeding
Hydroseeding-4 weeks later
SoilandWater.com Is Your Wholesale Resource For All Your Hydroseeding
100% Wood Fiber Mulch
Bales Weigh 50 lbs.
$12.00 each
100% Paper Cellulose Mulch
Bales Weigh 33 lbs.
$9.25 each
Tackifier - Organic Mulch Binder
10 lb. bags
$35.00 each
Mycorryhizea Soil
Mycor provides approx. 3.6 million living
propagulates to soil. Applied at a rate of
60lbs/acre or 1.4lbs/1000ft². 
10 lb. bags

$59.00 each
Plant Marvel
Hydroseed Fertilizer

25 lb. bag
Covers 8,000 SF

$46.00 each

With Mycor