Superior biological treatment for vault and portable toilets

Controls odor and provides in situ
treatment between pump outs. Pump out
intervals can be extended due to effective
odor control and digestion of wastes.
Contains high spore count and requires low
dosage for treatment. Nine (9) strains of
gram-positive, spore-forming Bacillus
(which eliminate odors and even degrade
toilet paper), biostimulant/odor binding
from Active Aloe™ , Yucca schidigera and a
nutrient germination catalyst. Also contains
surfactant, blue polymer (non-staining) dye,
and pleasing "wild hyacinth" fragrance.

For upscale clients who want the best!
Total count 109 million CFU/ml. (408
billion CFU/gal). Now approved for sale in

TumbleBugs are most happy in the
basement of your outhouse!

For Campgrounds, Recreation Areas,
Portable Job Site Toilets, Privies