About Us

The scientists at SoilandWater.com have developed several
innovative methods and products to overcome challenges to
optimizing land and water stewardship, environmental, and
construction projects. Land and water stewardship,
ecological restoration, ranch management, and erosion
control is what we are all about.

For example, we are working on a forest woodland
restoration and thinning project (to reduce the possibility of
crown fires) in New Mexico where we are utilizing removed
biomass to manufacture erosion control products to be
implemented for restoration of burned forest areas in BAER
(Burned Area Emergency Restoration) projects. Basically, we
remove excess biomass that poses a fire risk, process it,
and convert it to innovative products to control erosion and
heal the land elsewhere.

We are an innovative company with extensive environmental
science, engineering, and construction experience, cost
effectively solving environmental problems with innovative
products and services for our clients.

The objective of SoilandWater.com is to provide real
scientific solutions from highly trained scientists and
engineers to solve land and water stewardship challenges
and to provide the most costs effective, proven products to
our customers.

We provide “state of the science” solutions to our
customers. Toward that end we have questioned all
methods, materials and reasoning behind traditional
environmental problem solving.

Before Thinning
After Thinning