Job Name


Roehling/Lake Lemon

dredging and seawall

Bill Sabo

seawall repair

Seward/East Lake

seawall construction

Warner/Lake Lemon

dock construction

Penecale/Lamb Lake

boat lift

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation

dock construction

Boy Scouts of America

dock construction

Camp Brosend

beach and dock construction

Carl R. Ottenweller

seawall and dam erosion control

Town of Whiteland

dredging and pond renovation

Wagner/Foxcliffe Lake

dock and beach construction

Gaile Larsen


Bill Sabo/Lake Lemon

seawall repair

Gary Willey

seawall, boat lift

John Marvel/Lake Lemon

seawall and dredging

Dee Shay/Princes Lakes

seawall and wall anchoring

Frank Foley

seawall and dock

Robert Holder Property

seawall, dock, and shoreline access

Susan Hengeveld

dock and deck construction

Somermeyer Property


Garrison-Grandview Lake Mansur Development

Seawall Construction

Peter Dvorak/Lake Monroe

Install floating boat lift

Fitzgerald/Lake Monroe

Install floating boat lift

Country Squire Lakes

seawall and boat docks

Tony Thomas Property

boat lift

Flor Province Lake

Dock Construction

Mansur Development- Grandview Lake

Seawall, Dock De-icer Installation

Brummett Lake

Seawall, Dredging, Nuisance Plant Control

Ellsbery - East Lake

Installation of Boat Lift

William Cole - Ohio River

Install Dock Walkway

Columbus Youth Camp

Supply Docks

Erosion Control and Hydroseeding

Job Name


Bureau of Land Management Rock Springs, WY

Fire Restoration

McDonaldís Corporation

floodway restoration and erosion control

Eagle Bay Condominiums

slope stabilization


waterway stabilization

Jeff McCabe

channel/ditch erosion control and seeding

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


Regency Windsor Development Corp.

erosion control and shoreline stabilization

Fancher Farm

lakeshore and slope erosion control

Rogerís Group/Worthington Power Plant

hydro-seeding with native prairie grasses

Southside Christian Church

erosion control

Rogerís Group/ Indiana University

erosion control and silt fence

Monroe County Airport

water-way stabilization

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Fire Management

Indiana University

Erosion Control/Hydroseed

Arlington Place

erosion control

Bloomington Parks & Recreation

Erosion Control & Hydroseeding

Cook Inc.

Hydro-seeding and erosion control blanket


dam erosion control

City of Bloomington Utilities/ Lake Monroe

hydro-seeding with native prairie grass

Dan Dix

erosion control, hydro-seeding, pond construction

Designscapes, Inc.

Hydro-seeding, pond management

Voorhies Property

native wildflowers

Pine Tree Hills Development Corp.

Specialty erosion control design and ditch stabilization

Rogerís Group/Bloomington Crushed Stone

erosion control

Strausser Construction

erosion control

Wehr Constructors, Inc.


Eastview Church of the Nazarene

erosion control

Pine Ridge Investments/Brown County Indiana

erosion control

Pliant Industries

Erosion Control & Hydroseeding

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Erosion Control & Hydroseeding

Internal Medicine

erosion control, hydro-seeding with native prairie grass

Coffin Property

erosion control, hydro-seeding with native grass, retaining wall, plantings

Crossman Communities

hydro-seeding and erosion control

McDermott Estate

Drainage and Erosion Control

City of Bloomington P&R

Parks Hydroseeding

City of Bloomington P&R

Olcott Park Trail Construction

MackThomas - Lake Lemon

Road Drainage Erosion Control Improvements

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Erosion Control For New Construction, Athletic Turf Establishment

Indiana University

Campus Hydroseeding

Mac Staggs - Property

Erosion Control, Grading, Turf Establishment

Monroe County Landfill

Erosion Control & Hydroseeding

Lake, Pond, and Stream Restoration and Construction

Job Name


Kieth Bradway-Lake LaSalle

Lakeshore Bioengineering

Town of Ellettsville

Stream bio-engineering and restoration

Cook Inc.

Pond enhancement

Bill Dresser

pond restoration

Towsley Lake

pond renovation, fisheries habitat enhancement

George Korinek

Pond design and survey

Village Farms

algae treatment and lake management

Erv Kattelman

pond restoration/hydro-seeding

Ruth Ann Ingraham

pond restoration

Strats Stratigos

pond sealing

St. Remy Association

dredging, aeration, treatment, management

Town of Whiteland, IN

dredging, restoration

Wheeler Mission Ministries

lake management

Schultz-Painted Hills Lake

Nuisance Vegetation Control/Aeration

Princes Lakes Community Development Corporation

Assessment of Dam Rehabilitation Needs

Roberta Baker- Lake

Algae Control/Leak Assessment

Old English Reservoir

Leak Detection

Steve Gootee-Boggs Lake

Shoreline Stabilization

Tom Lemon-McFarran Farms

Evaluation for Pond Restoration

Dr. Richard Nevels, Centerville, IN

Pond Shoreline Vegetation and Habitat Establishment

Town of Whiteland, IN

Pond Restoration


Job Name


Journey Christian School

Playground Construction

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church Preschool

Playground Construction

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Playground Construction

Specialty Projects

(shoreline stabilization, dredging, wetlands, waterfall and decorative pond construction, consulting, habitat restoration)

Job Name


Wyoming Bureau of Land Management

habitat restoration/fire rehabilitation/noxious weed control

Williamshire Homeownerís Association (with Payne Excavating)

complete lake restoration

Lake Lemon Conservancy District (with Payne Excavating)

shoreline stabilization

John Mellencamp/Lake Monroe Shoreline/ Rogerís Group Inc.

shoreline stabilization

Viacom/CBS Corporation

wetland delineation and habitat restoration

Spring Mill Lake Association

shoreline stabilization, planting, bio-engineering

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation

shoreline stabilization

City of Bloomington Utilities/Lake Monroe

shoreline bio-engineering

City of Bloomington Utilities/Griffy Lake

Primary outlet spillway maintenance

Fitzgerald/Dwelling Finders Inc.

Ornamental pond design and construction

Niednagel /Lake Lemon

shoreline design and stabilization

Grimes AquaTech, Inc.

Various pond construction

Owen Slaughter

indoor pond construction and maintenance

Princeís Lake Community Development Corporation

consulting on dam deficiencies

Stolberg Residence

Indoor Zen Garden Pond

Old Towsley Lake

fish habitat restoration

Town of Ferdinand

dam maintenance

ten Hoor Lake

outlet structure improvements

Village at Curry Apartments

drainage consulting

David Hayes Pond

Ornamental pond and Waterfalls - Residential

Bradway Shoreline Lake LaSalle

Bioengineering Shoreline Stabilization

The Woodlands Lake

Lake Restoration, Nutrient, Algae, Weed Control, Filtration Systems

Karen Frieje Lake

Consulting - Nutrient/Algae Control, RecreationalImprovements


Construction of Fire Breaks for Refuge

Simon Properties Pond Restoration

Control Nuisance Vegetation, Restore Pond

Sherbrooke Place

Install Aeration, Algae Control, Native Planting

Wheeler Mission - Camp Hunt

Erosion Control, Hydroseeding, Lake Management, Archery Range Development

Dr. Nevels Lake

Habitat Enhancement, Design, Erosion and Sediment Control

Monroe County Solid Waste Management District

landfill Erosion Control, Sed. Pond Development, Habitat Enhancement

Advantage Real Estate

Soil Testing


∑ Federal, Municipal, County, and Tribal Governments

∑ Lake Associations/Conservancy Districts

∑ Contractors/Developers/Homeownerís Associations

∑ Ranch & Farm Owners/Landowners/Paper & Timber Companies

∑ Landfills/Schools/Stormwater Districts

US Forest service USFS
Bureau of Land Management BLM
Department of Interior DOI
US Fish and Wildlife Service USF&WS
Bureau of Reclamation BOR
US Department of Agriculture USDA
Department of Energy DOE
Department of Defense DOD
Department of Homeland Security DHS
State Wildlife Departments
State Departments of Natural Resources
State Departments of Parks and Fish and Game