Brown County State Park Bike/Kayak Adventure
Ogle Lake

Ogle Lake is a largest lake (17 acres) in Brown County State Park yet is quite small by kayaking standards. This trip is really only good for getting children an introduction to especially when it is too windy to be on a larger lake or stream. After an hour, you can be completely around the lake a few times.

Combine an Ogle Lake kayak trip with a mountain bike trip in the park for a complete adventure work-out. If you have a group picnicking at the Ogle Lake shelter house, get a few kayaks for the day so everyone can try it.

Brown County State Park Mountain Bike Trails

The best mountain bike trails in the Midwest are in Brown County State Park. Over 26 miles of trails for riders from easy, to moderate to difficult. These trails were made by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. We recommend just staying to the easy to moderate trails to prevent injury.

Most High Adventure Outfitters has high quality mountain bikes for your use on the trails. Bikes come with a helmet.
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Combination Bike/Ogle Lake Kayak Trip Price: $65/person