"a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never return
to its original dimensions". Oliver Holmes
Most High Adventure Outfitters - Indiana

- Sit-on-top kayak (1): The name says it all; you sit on top of the kayak. Generally, they are more stable than sit-in kayaks. However, speed is sacrificed for stability.

- Sit-in kayak (2): You guessed it! You sit inside.

- Swift water canoe: These canoes are more maneuverable in moving waters and provide necessary stability.

- Expedition Canoe (3): A bit more girthy, these canoes can carry a load (when camping), but they remain easy to paddle. Very comfortable while carrying your comforts.

- Paddles and PFDs: We provide high-end, comfortable gear. Our paddles are made of lightweight aluminum; forget about bulky plastic paddles. PFDs are universal, so wearing those orange choker vests is a thing of the past.
We can provide a boxed lunch for $9.50 per person...you need some fortification on your excursion, after all! Our boxed lunch comes with a small cooler, a re-freezable ice pack, and includes the following grub:

- turkey & cheese on wheat
- lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise
- bag of chips or pretzels
- a cup of applesauce or fruit
- (1) 20 oz. water
- (1) 16 oz. Gatorade
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What YOU Provide
There are no fashion police on our trips! Please make sure the clothing you bring is season-appropriate and comfortable. No cotton, is the best advice for what to wear. Cotton shirts, while comforatble, STAY wet when wet. We recommend some type of poly-blend shirt.

Footwear, however, is most important. NO FLIP-FLOPS should be worn. Some type of strapped sandal, OLD tennis shoes, or river shoes are recommended.

Finally, bring water! Dehyrdration can ruin your day, so keep drinking....

- Full-suspension bike (4): When riding on some tough trails, a full-suspension is the way to go. With front and rear suspension, this bike allows you to negotiate logs, rocks, and tree roots on some tough single tracks.

- Hardtail bike (5): With only a front-suspension and a stiff "tail," these bikes are durable and withstand a large pedal force to create speed. However, they have less give, which makes riding tough trails a bit more uncomfortable. Ideal for easy to moderate trails though.