Canoe, Kayak, and Bike Trips
Brown County Adventure
- Brown County State Park
- Yellowwood Lake
- Hoosier National Forest
Salt Creek: North and Upper North Forks
- Middle Fork Wildness Area
- Lake Lemon Wildlife Area
- East Fork White River
- Lower Salt Creek: Downstream Monroe Dam
or Logan Bottoms to E.F. White River
- Spring Mill State Park
- Beford to Williams
- Hickory Ridge Mt. Bike Park
Lawrence County Outdoor Adventure
Monroe County Outdoor Adventure
- North Fork Wildlife Refuge
- Wapehani Mt. Bike Park
- Lake Monroe and Salt Creek
Lake Lemon Wildlife Area
- Morgan-Monroe
- Clear Creek
Orange County Outdoor Adventure
- Upper Patoka River
- Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge
Patoka River & Lake
- Tucker Lake/Springs Valley Trails
- French Lick Mountain and Road Biking
- The Lost River
Morgan/Owen County Outdoor Adventure
- West Fork White River
Owen County Outdoor Adventure
- Owen - Putnam State Forest - Mt. Biking

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"a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never return
to its original dimensions". Oliver Holmes
Most High Adventure Outfitters - Indiana
Big Blue River - Southern IN
Big Pine Creek Whitewater - NW Indiana