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Explore White River, Salt Creek, Patoka Lake, and Lake Monroe!
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Paddling down the White River (Indiana)
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Paddling down the Peace River (Florida)
Equipment Rentals-canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, and camping gear
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Relax and relate to family, friends and nature as you float down beautiful southern Indiana rivers. Or, explore the beautiful back roads and mountain bike trails on high quality bikes provided by MHAO as part of a combination trip. Leave the crowds behind, enjoy the beauty and get a work out at your own pace.

MHAO features comfortable canoes, sit on top (SOT) kayaks, and high-end bikes. Our gear is top notch! SOT Kayaks are comfortable, not confining, easy to enter / exit, safe, and FUN! You can paddle swiftly, lay out in the sun like it’s a raft, roll off into the water for a swim, fish, and photograph wildlife. We have SOT kayaks and comfortable life jackets designed to fit everyone from small children to XXL adults. Some Kayaks are even rated for up to 600 pounds. Explore Southern Indiana's trails on durable bikes of all styles.
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"a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never return
to its original dimensions". Oliver Holmes
MHAO does NOT, put you on a river with 200 other canoers. MHAO will NOT shuttle you in a schol bus with 50 other people. We are about Quality, not Quantity, and providing you with a true wilderness experience!